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This section of our website gives basic information about what a SIPP is and how ours operates.

More detailed information about what can and cannot be done in a SIPP can be found in our Technical pages.

If you would like to download our literature to set up a Premier Trust SIPP with us then please go to our Literature pages.

A self invested personal pension (or SIPP) is a registered personal pension scheme which offers many more investment opportunities than a traditional personal pension scheme. A SIPP offers very flexible funding arrangements as well as the widest possible range of retirement options.

These features have led to a rapid growth in the SIPP market, and SIPPs are now the product of choice for people looking for flexbility and control in their retirement planning.

Our SIPP (the Premier Trust) has been designed to be a highly versatile product, which takes full advantage of all of the opportunities presented by the legislation. We offer our clients exceptional service at a competitive price.

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