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4A small self administered scheme (or SSAS) is an occupational pension arrangement which gives business leaders, their families and senior employees the maximum control and choice over funding for their retirement, investment opportunities (including investments which benefit their business) and the timing and nature of the benefits they take.

We believe that a well run SSAS remains the most appropriate vehicle for many clients. They can do everything that a SIPP can, but have the advantage of being able to have multiple members, make loans to the member’s business and can be more cost effective in certain circumstances.

We began life as a SSAS administration company and earned our reputation for excellence in that field. We apply the same high level of service to our SSAS clients as we do to our SIPP clients. Our objective is to deliver a pension scheme which not only provides for our clients’ retirement, but also forms a tax effective part of their overall business and personal planning.

We can set up a new SSAS, take over as independent trustee on an existing scheme, or convert certain executive pension plans into a SSAS.

This section of our website covers the basics of what a SSAS is and our role in the administration of a SSAS. More detailed information about what a SSAS can be found in:

Forms to set up a new SSAS or to transfer an existing one to us can be found in our Literature pages.

When you have decided which product is right for you, we can assure you an equally high level of service in both products.

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