DP Pensions Ltd

Our Role

We are a specialist independent trustee company and as such our role is critical to the success of a scheme. SSASs are complex pension vehicles and our involvement ensures that members achieve their objectives without falling foul of pensions and tax legislation.

Our key functions include the following:

  1. Establishing the SSAS and effecting any changes or amendments to the scheme.
  2. Registering the scheme with HMRC.
  3. Establishing and maintaining the scheme bank account.
  4. Administering the scheme and its investments.
  5. Technical support concerning all aspects of the scheme and its administration, both with the members of the scheme and with authorised interested parties, such as financial advisers and accountants.
  6. Keeping a record of all scheme transactions and investments, to enable the production of asset statements for the fund as well as details of how the scheme is allocated between its members.
  7. Producing an Annual Report for the scheme, which summarises what has happened during the year, the assets and how they are allocated between the members.
  8. Determining and arranging payment of Member Benefits and Death Benefits.
  9. Completing all necessary returns to HMRC, including the Pension Scheme Return and Event Report.

Ultimately, our role is to deliver a pension vehicle which enables our clients to achieve their personal and business objectives without having to become pensions experts.

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