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Our SIPP and SSAS clients have a wide range of investment options. However, as a responsible SIPP and SSAS operator, we have placed restrictions on what your pension can and cannot invest in.

Our Permitted and Non-Permitted Investments Lists below set out generally what is allowable. The lists are principally determined by:

  • Taxable property these are a category of investment that would incur high tax penalties if held in your pension, and
  • Non-Standard Investments these are investments, which do not fall within the Financial Conduct Authority’s definition of “standard investments”, as they may be difficult to sell, be higher risk and are often inappropriate for SIPPs and SSASs.

If you are considering an investment which is not covered below then please send us full details so that we can determine whether it is viable. Please note that there will be a charge for us completing any due diligence. Our fee schedule is available from our website.

We reserve the right to sell any investment held in a SIPP or SSAS at our sole discretion if we believe that continuing to hold it could jeopardise the registration of the pension or lead to a tax charge.

Please note that DP Pensions Ltd and D A Phillips & Co Ltd (the SIPP Trustee) do not give financial advice. You make all investment decisions with the help of your financial adviser (if you have one). We do not take any responsibility for the consequences of your investment decisions.

Permitted Investments

Prohibited Investments

Bank and building society account deposits


Cash funds

Exchange traded commodities

Government and local authority bonds and other fixed interest stocks

Physical gold bullion

Investment notes and capital protected structured products

Shares in Investment trusts

Managed pension funds

National Savings and Investment products

Permanent interest bearing shares (PIBs)

Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

Securities admitted to trading on a regulated venue such as stock exchanges and multi-lateral trading facilities. *

UK Commercial Property and Land

Borrowing to fund purchase of assets

Units in Regulated collective investment schemes

SSAS only – secured loan to the sponsoring employer or unconnected company.

Taxable Property

Residential property and any associated land

Tangible moveable property (such as art, antiques, jewellery etc)

Loans made by your SIPP to you, your business or anyone connected to you

Residential ground rents

Non-Standard Investments

Unquoted shares – UK or overseas

Unquoted loan notes and bonds

Mini bonds

Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS)

Closed-ended investments which are not realisable within 30 days

Crypto currencies (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum)

Intellectual property

Futures and options

Land banking

Overseas commercial property

Loans made by your SIPP to any party

Hotel Rooms

Storage Pods

Peer to peer lending

Carbon credits

Second hand traded endowment policies

Burial plots

Contracts for difference

Forex trading

Other special purpose vehicles and pooled investment structures meeting the Financial Conduct Authority definition of non-mainstream pooled investments

Any other asset which cannot be accurately and fairly valued on an ongoing basis and cannot be readily realised within 30 days, whenever required.

* Examples include the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and all other venues/operators that have functions similar to an exchange or an MTF – that are authorised by a regulator or a governmental agency either in the EEA or in any third country. (Source: FCA Handbook IPRU-INV 5.9)

We may however consider from time to time that some of these regulated venues are not on markets we would wish to hold in our SIPP. The current list can be found below:

Stock Markets or Exchanges which we will not accept into our SIPP
  • NEX
  • The International Stock Exchange (formerly known as the Channel Islands Stock Exchange)
  • The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange
  • GXG Official List
  • GXG Main Quote
  • The Rio De Janeiro Stock Exchange
  • The Sao Paulo Stock Exchange
  • Growth and Enterprise Market of the Irish Stock Exchange
  • Enterprise Securities Market of the Irish Stock Exchange
  • The Bermuda Stock Exchange

This list is our current view of markets that we do not wish to hold in our SIPP. This list will be reviewed from time to time and we reserve the right to make any decision in relation to markets, trading venues or multi-lateral trading facilities as we deem appropriate.

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